PM Checks

PM Checks

PM (Periodic Maintenance) checks are carried out to ensure the equipment is performing as it should be.

The checking of the equipment is to make you aware of any problems that may exist.

Testing and Tagging is part of this service if the current tagging is out of date or you want it redone.

When required equipment is re-calibrated to your specific needs. A full report on each item tested is prepared in electronic format and is emailed to you for your record keeping. We will also maintain a confidential data base in your organisations name should your records be lost.

Temperature Speed and Pressure measurements are carried out using NATA certified meters with the ability to offer data logging if required for temperature and pressure.

If a piece of equipment is found to be faulty you are advised and a quote to repair the item can be prepared for your approval, (May be at additional cost).

I am willing to carry out PM checks on all types of equipment, if I am unable to do it I will advise you and there will be No Charge in relation to that item.

Types of equipment commonly checked are:- Incubators , CO2 Incubators , Centrifuges ,Ovens , Autoclaves , Heating Blocks , Fridges and Freezers -20 & -80, Mixers, Shakers Waterbaths and many more.